One Platform Worldwide

PilihCar is a car marketing and buying platform committed to building a business that has a definitive impact on the automotive industry in the ASEAN region.

In an ever-changing market, we're here to empower car sellers and buyers with the necessary data, technology, and digital tools to achieve a successful deal! With that in mind, our channel is built to seamlessly connect all parties, providing efficient end-to-end solutions to both consumers and dealers.

Just one stop here allows you to enjoy A to Z services with convenience: car inspection, ownership transfer, financing paperwork, and more. When needed, our customer support team is always ready to deliver timely, unbiased help at the forefront of every interaction.

No matter your vehicle, we believe there's a significant market opportunity for everyone as long as the right conditions are met.

Buy, own, and sell your vehicles with PilihCar today.

PilihCAR is a car buying and selling platform